The 2019 Annual Report reflects, in its content, initiatives led by José Eduardo Queiroz, managing partner of Mattos Filho for the past five years. José Eduardo carried out major projects and left an important legacy to the firm. We pay our respects to him.

Focus on the future: Mattos Filho’s commitment to the long-term vision

Brazil is a country in which there is still much to be done, there will be opportunities for business growth and investment in the economy. In addition to the fact that the Law is dynamic, always with new rules and regulations, there is a lot of potential in the legal market.

Roberto Quiroga
Managing partner

How a collaborative, innovative, and growing model, with autonomy and freedom, and in line with organized governance, contributes to improving our service delivery to clients and having professionals engaged with the firm.

With a focus on the future added to the Mattos Filho’s culture, the capacity of engagement and collaboration of each of the partners and the more than 1,200 professionals of the firm is the key to providing an increasingly better service to our clients.

It is from this perspective that Mattos Filho introduces the challenges that will guide the next decade of the firm. The goal will be to provide client-focused legal assistance and support to a greater extent, understanding the problems in depth and always focused on presenting customized solutions.

Humanistic perspective as a growth gear

Mattos Filho invests in humanistic management and in continuous development programs to maintain high-performance results.


Progress in social issues & consolidation as an agent of transformation

Support for high-impact initiatives promotes engagement and reaffirms the firm’s social DNA


2019 in numbers

How innovation keeps Mattos Filho at the forefront of the legal market

Understand how the investment in security, systems, and connectivity underpins the firm’s growth strategy

At a time when information and data circulate in an increasingly broad and fast manner, it is essential that activities – such as the practice of law – are ensured by a strict process of confidentiality and security of access to documents and files. With the Brazilian General Data Protection, companies will seek peace by ensuring that they are working with partners with structured and robust information security governance.

International relations foster the firm’s performance as a business hub

Mattos Filho presents its clients with legal certainty and knowledge of the market to develop their businesses in Brazil

As part of its strategy, Mattos Filho works to build long-term relationships with multinational companies and partners around the world. With offices in the United States and the United Kingdom and a commitment to understanding the specific needs of each segment, the firm contributes to the success of many new investments in the country.

Companies that did not operate or were not interested in Brazil contacted us to understand the business environment and the best way to invest when they saw the change in the scenario.

Amadeu Ribeiro
Resident partner at
the New York office

We have become sophisticated in our relationship with large foreign groups, as our immersion in local cultures has allowed us to develop more and more the sense of being effective when it comes to understanding what is strategic and a priority to these clients.

Rodrigo Figueiredo
Resident partner at
the London office

The 2019 Annual Report was elaborated along with José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz in his lifetime. He wrote an article on the scenario brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and his focus on the firm’s future after the crisis. This article was published in respect to his memory and as a form of homage.

A look to the future

I am writing this text for our 2019 Annual Report in a very different context from what we imagined to be the 2020 scenario. Our Annual Report is the main document through which we show our work year after year, giving visibility to our initiatives and plans for the firm. In this report, we seek to talk about the year of 2019, but it would be unreasonable not to mention the scenario that we are all experiencing at the moment.

By José Eduardo Queiroz